Cut Copy return in 08 with In Ghost Colours – their new album set for release in March. Pre-order that puppy NOW. Lights & Music, the latest single to drop is due to hit radio NEXT MONDAY - it is your hands in the air slamthem for the tail end of summer. MORE.

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On January 17th 2008 MySpace 'The List' will be presenting the latest in a series of exclusive and intimate shows...

Cut Copy - LIVE on Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia!

This unique outdoor music concept will give fans the opportunity to dance the night away to Cut Copy's infectious strains of disco mashed pop as the sun sets over the Sydney Harbour - for FREE.

So what is 'The List'? What is it for, and most importantly, how does one get ON the List?

The List is a show for the fans, with the fans. It's an intimate and fully filmed LIVE show bringing fans closer with their favourite bands, bringing back the intimacy and interaction that often gets lost at arena shows and festivals.

Footage from the show will be captured by MySpace for exclusive rebroadcast on the List page at www.myspace.com/thelist. As well as the concert footage there will also be exclusive backstage footage and interviews.

To be part of this amazing FREE event and get your name on THE LIST, simply follow these steps:

1. Youíve got to be on the list to go to THE LIST so start by going to www.myspace.com/thelist
2. In the ìGET ON THE LISTî box fill out the form with your name and details and simply answer the following question: Q. If your 'Heartís On Fire' which electro trio would be serenading you?

Winners will be alerted by email, with their very own DOUBLE PASS.

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...NEW ALBUM!!!!!
CUT COPYのライブ 行きた過ぎます。

THE LISTって、存在を初めて知りました。
BAD RELIGION … かなり、おじさんだなぁ。

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